High School, Not as scary as you think.

Hello world of bloggers,

For some of you are either going to High School or you will be going to High School soon.

Before this week I was very nervous and scared about going to High School. Today was my first day of High School and it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it was, but after the day had finished I thought to my self.

“That wasn’t so hard and scary. It’s just like primary school but there is much more people.”

Please, Post your comments/thoughts/queries about High School below in the comments box. I might be able to help you.

If your scared of something and your getting all anxious, just do something you love doing and think to you self.

“If I face my fear now, It wont bother me as much in the future.”

Happy Blogging, Posting more in the future,

Josh McIntosh

Almost the End of the Year!

Hi Bloggers,
It’s only weeks until the end of the School Year! I’m so exited because I get to go to high school. Plus in my class get to do “Kris Kringle”. I hope I get a good gift.
Also all the 5/6/7’s get to join in for a massive quiz and we get to eat all we want. I can’t wait.

On other notes.
Basketball season for U16’s is on now. Yes that’s right U16’s. My team has only won 1 out if about 6 games. Our largest loss so far is 47 points and we haven’t played the hardest team yet. The hardest team has been thrashing everybody by about 80 points.
so i don;t think my team will be in finals.
Hope you comment,
Josh McIntosh

Basketball Update

Hi bloggers,
Last Saturday my South Basketball Team played in the quarter finals. Unfortunatelly we lost by 5 points. I got 6 but thats not enough.
Next year I’m moving up to under 16’s. I will have to play people that are almost 6 foot 2.
I was in division 2 so for 16’s I will most likley be in division 3.

Bye for now,
Josh McIntosh


Hi Bloggers,
For most of the holidays that have just passed I have been playing lots of games; On the computer and outside. The game I play most would have to be Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where you are a person and you need to survive and build things like houses. The game I play most outside is basketball. I play at least 3 games of basketball a week not including training.
What is your favourite game and why?
Please comment bellow.
Bye for now,
My Charater
My House

Fruit Fruit Glorious Fruit

Hello Bloggers,
A few days ago I took mt first bite of an orange. At first it tasted like a lemon but then it tasted delicious. They are very juicy but the white stuff on the inside of the skin isn’t so nice to eat. I thought of the idea of eating an orange because I like orange flavored ice blocks so I thought why not, Ill have an orange.
What is your favourite fruit? Mine is still apples but oranges are nice too.
Have a good day,
From Josh McIntosh

Basketball Trip

Hello bloggers. On Thursday I’m off to Nunawading in Melbourne to play heaps of basketball. I think I have to play 6-8 games.
Victorian teams are harder and tougher than South Australian teams. My division 2 team will have to play really hard to even worry the Victorians. I’m leaving a day early because it is cheaper. I’m not quite sure how but the price of flights on Friday is $100 more. I think that’s just not fair. Some good friends from my team are taking my basketball over because it costs $60 to take sports equipment on a plane. That’s also just silly. Leave a comment and tell me what you think of those rules.
Happy blogging.
From Josh

Team logo.

Team logo.

My new blog!

Hello world welcome to my new blog.

Because this is my new blog I needed an idea for a post for people to comment on so here is it:

What is your favourite sport and why?

My favourite sport would have to be basketball because it is fast moving and it involves throwing, and catching a large round ball that you need to chuck into a ring.Plus here is my favourite video:

Running Dog

Happy Blogging! 🙂